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Welcome & Introductory Post

First of all, be welcome to ASOIAF Talking community. I hope to make this a friendly place for fans of both book series and tv show series, a place where we can discuss our thoughts freely and without fear of being labeled. I sincerely hope you make a comfortable place for yourself in this community but please know that while I intend to make this place a safe one, there will be some attitudes I will not tolerate, however I'm a very reasonable person and you'll always have a second chance, but don't spoil it. And always know that I'm open for suggestions or questions that you might have. Anyway, welcome, here are some of the issues I spoke about on the rules of the community:

On Posting Essays/Metas:

Please fill the following (please know this should always be visible, use the cut after it):

Author: (Your username)
Characters: (Those that apply)
Trigger Warning: (Should there be any, if not, post "None")
About: (A general idea of your meta/essay)
Spoilers: If apply (ASOIAF App, The Princess & The Queen, World of Ice & Fire, Dunk & Egg stories apply)
Notes: (If there is anything you don't want to talk about say it here example: Let's concentrate in X specific instance and no further)

All these entries should always be tagged with the following: ASOIAF: Meta, ASOIAF: Essay, TW: (If there is any, if not, don't use the tw tag), Character tags, Spoilers: (If there are any, example: TPATQ)

On Character Discussions:

Header: (Should you have any)
Triggers: (If apply)
About: (General idea of your discussion)
Spoilers: If apply
Notes: (Same as Meta notes)

All these entries should be tagged as following: Character Name, ASOIAF: CD (For character discussion), TW: (If there is any, if not, don't use), Spoilers: (If there are any), Character(s) House (Ex: House Stark)

Important Note: If you wish to have a discussion but aren't comfortable calling it a meta/essay, you're welcome to do so under the following tag: ASOIAF: ToL or GoT: ToL (Thinking out Loud). Then of course you add the tags that apply, characters, house, etc. And yes, you must fill the forms as applies, just add on the notes section: Thinking out Loud.

Should you still have any question about tags or anything else, don't hesitate to ask. And yes, you can use these files for the TV Show, just the tags will be replaced with the following: GoT: Character Name, GoT: TV, GoT: Analysis, GoT: Talking, GoT: CD (see tags section below)

On Community Interaction posts:

The community interaction post are those 'fun' posts that will appear:
-ASOIAF Food: Posts with recipes inspired by the food mentioned in the series. Food from the official book should always be specified as such, with the proper credit to it's authors.
-ASOIAF Music: Posts talking about any sort of music that reminds you of a character, a chapter or a book as a whole. If you wish to create a soundtrack, those are welcome too.
-GoT Screen Cap fun: One picture of a screen shot, now watch the community add a fun caption to it. (Please add the Got: SC tag)
-ASOIAF Text from Last Night: Specify a character and let the community choose a text that they feel it's appropriate for the character. If you wish to include the GoT version of characters say so. (Tags: ASOIAF: TFLN, GoT: TFLN)
-Pimp my fic: You have a fic that you want to share with us? Read a fic it's so good you want to share? Do so here, just add the basics (character or pairing, rating, triggers should there be and what's about) then link. Important: these threads will be open until they reach 500 comments, so please add your fic in the comments, don't open threads just to post a fic. (Tag: Fic Sharing)

Important to all community interaction posts: They all must have the Community Interaction tags (CI: ASOIAF, CI: GoT) aside the rest of the tags that may apply (example: ASOIAF Music, CI: ASOIAF, CI: GoT).

On the tags:

Please include those that are necessary: Character, House, Book, Meta and/or Essay, Character Discussion, Quote Discussion, Theme: (Example Religion), Forshadowing, ASOAF Food, ASOIAF Music, etc.
For the tv show please use the got tags: GoT: Character Name (example Sansa), GoT Tv, GoT: CD (Character Discussion), GoT: QD (Quote Discussion).

On the Slut Shaming:

Disliking a character is perfectly fine, we're not bound to like everyone but please spare us the "X is a slut and an idiot" comments, there are plenty of reasons for disliking characters other than with whom they have (or not) sex with.

On the Karmic/Death wishes:

Please spare us all from the "X character is an idiot and I'm glad he/she is suffering X thing", "X character deserved what happened to him/her". Please, we're here to have a civilized conversation about ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, not about petty childishness in seeing fictional characters suffering just because we don't like them.

Anyway, that is it, if you feel this community is right for you, you're more than welcome to join, if not, thanks for reading and stopping by.

Your ever friendly mod, Elizabeth.


Oct. 19th, 2014 10:51 am (UTC)
Thank you for your prompt response to my message, I really appreciate it. :) And the invite too! Thank you!

I don't have a problem at all with the rules of the site; it makes things better when we can discuss freely but also aware that people have different opinions and to be respectful of that. I enjoy hearing what others have to say because it gives me a different perspective on things that I may not have thought about which may help to describe potential theories or such. I did it with Harry Potter as well when it was still being written.

I will check it out now! :)
Oct. 19th, 2014 11:56 am (UTC)
You're most welcome, glad you joined us.

Then everything should be smooth sailing then :) I love talking/discussing when done well, hence, the community was born. I did so with HP too, but not on lj and I was a fierce anti-Twilight (still dislike it and I still talk about its problems on my lj) and I think it's fun and amazing when someone spots something you didn't and then your brain goes "woah, new theory/mystery".

Have fun, all threads are open and don't be afraid of expressing yourself. And you're always welcome to start your own discussions.