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ASOIAF: Open Season
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A place to talk all things ASoIaF and Game of Thrones
Community Rules:

-When posting:

~If your post is long, please use the LJ shortcut. Here's how to do it.
~All posts must be friends locked.
~If necessary, use spoilers. Here's how to do it.
~If you post videos, please leave a link to the original post or source.
~Use your tags, it makes for a more organized community and will make thing easier to find. More info on our intro post.
~Please keep in mind that Game of Thrones (the Tv Show) canon isn't always faithful to the source, so please keep Game of Thrones post separated from the ASOIAF series. More info on our intro post.
~Please don't use Game of Thrones (the Tv Show) to support an argument about the ASOIAF book series.
~Use the proper trigger warnings on your posts and in the tags should it be necessary. What is a trigger warning?. And here.
~Before posting an essay, meta or some other please fill the mini form that's on the first post.

- Of Conduct:

~Rape Apologia won't be tolerated. At all.
~No slut shaming. See intro post.
~Avoid the death/karmic retribution wishes post. More info on our intro post.
~Respect your fellow members, not everyone agrees always with everyone, but let's keep it civil and avoid the name calling.
~Check your attitude at the door, we're here to have fun and have serious talks about both series & tv show, but please, be tolerant towards everyone. Please avoid being condensending or judgmental towards your fellow members.
~Do not harass other members: I will not be having posters harassing one another, be it on the posts, comments, private messages nor in their private journal. Should the situation arise, you will either be asked to leave or will be banned.
~Discrimination and bigotry of any kind won't be tolerated.

Note: I believe in giving people chances; it will take three warnings to get you banned unless the situation merits it.
And finally: Should you have any further question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact me at any time and I get back to you as soon as I’m able.

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